Who’s Mark?

I’m Mark McElroy. I’m not a guru. I’m not enlightened. I’m spiritual on Tuesdays and Fridays. I’m skeptical on Mondays and Thursdays. Sometimes I feel a true and deep connection to The Divine. Other times, I feel a true and deep craving for a good turkey sandwich.

What’s in This for You?

I created MarkBelievesThis.com because I want to connect with other people who struggle with spirituality and skepticism. You can depend on me to write in plain English about matters of faith, talk honestly about my doubts and fears, and remind you that you’re not alone.

You’ll find posts here on practical spirituality, divination, faith, metaphysics, and spiritual technology (like the apps and gadgets that claim to help you meditate, for example).

Each post is a little gift for you. There’s no charge. I’m not selling anything. I won’t even pass a hat. If you like what you find, share it or comment on it or drop me a line and let me know — that’s all.

A Bit about Me

I was raised in a very conservative sect of a fundamentalist church. I believed everything we preached. I didn’t drink. I didn’t dance. We didn’t wear shorts, not even in the privacy of our own home, out of concern that we might lust after our own legs and burst into flames.

In college, I stumbled on books and facts that suggested some of the teaching I’d taken for granted might not be The Truth. At first, little things (like dates of historical events) didn’t add up. Then, bigger things (like contradictions between the love we preached and the harshness we practiced) shook me to the core.

Over time, I’ve been a fundamentalist, a liberal minister, an atheist, an agnostic, a dabbler in New Age ideas, and a skeptic. In the 1990’s, I wrote a few books on divination, Tarot reading, I Ching, and lucid dreaming.

Today, I’m a Eclectic Neo-Buddhist Gnostic Christian Mystic. I haven’t yet found a church or temple or community center with all those words on the sign, so I guess I’ll just meet like-minded people here.

Thanks for Reading

The hours of our lives are a precious, limited commodity. I realize the time you invest reading my work is time you’ll never get back. So I take your investment of time and attention very seriously. It’s important to me that you always leave MarkBelievesThis.com feeling that our time together was well-spent.

If the idea of struggling with spirituality and talking honestly about that struggle appeals to you, please stick around. A personal spiritual path doesn’t have to be solitary or lonesome.